Make a Pre-Publishing Review Submission

What you will receive

The Pre-Publishing Review will provide you with a report detailing the suitability of your current manuscript for publishing. You will receive guidance around editing requirements, book design options, and community connections that you can make to establish an audience for your book. This review will allow you to confidently take the next step to having your work published.
You can be a published author and we will help you create a beautiful book that stands apart on the shelf.

Editing is one of those tedious but required tasks for any published work. With the Pre-Publishing Review, we will provide an independant overview of the editing needed to make your work publication ready.
Every book needs good book design to make it stand apart from the crowd and ensure that none of those little errors make it to your final printed book. This includes formatting for e-publication to open up a new sales avenue for you.
Creating a connection with the community who will read your story is the first step to a great marketing plan. From your draft manuscript we will identify those communities who would be interested in your story and suggest ways for you to connect directly with these groups pre-publication.

Why publish with us

KingFisher Publishing is an independent local Christchurch publisher. We have a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by authors who would like to become published and we are here to provide advice and support every step of the way.

  • Publishing with KingFisher Publishing allows the author to receive all proceeds from print on demand book sales, less print on demand fees and KFP hosting fees.
  • Publishing with KingFisher Publishing provides you with cost transparency every step of the way along the publishing pathway.
  • Publishing with KingFisher Publishing provides you with a low investment start to your career as a published author. We will support and advise you through the entire process from start to finish and can connect you with other local authors who are at the same stage of publishing as you are.

Submit your work for the Pre-Publishing Review

To ensure that your work will be read and considered by our team for publication, there is a fee of $699.00NZD to submit your script for a pre-publishing review.
We can't wait to read your amazing story!

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